Magnetic Phone charger cables that you will love

Magnetic Charging Cable
Magnetic Charging Cable

In a previous article (3 very cheap and must have accessories for your phones), we seen that magnetic phone charging cables are one of the few things that we would advice you to buy while ordering your brand new phone.

Magnetic phone charging cables operate using a set of magnets to establish a connection between the cable and the charging port of your device. These magnets are typically embedded in the connector that plugs into your device, and are attracted to a corresponding set of magnets in the charging port.

When you bring the cable near the charging port, the magnets automatically snap into place, establishing a secure connection. This allows the electricity to flow from the charger to your device, enabling it to charge.

Some magnetic phone charging cables use a reversible connector, which means that you can plug it in either way and the magnets will still snap into place. This makes it even easier to use, as you don’t have to worry about aligning the connector properly.

Here are some of the benefits of using these types of cables:

  1. Easy to use: Magnetic phone charging cables are very easy to use. All you have to do is bring the cable near the charging port of your device, and the magnets will automatically snap it into place. This makes it much easier to charge your device, especially if you are in a rush or have limited mobility.
  2. Secure connection: Magnetic phone charging cables provide a secure connection between your device and the charger. The magnets hold the cable in place, preventing it from coming loose or falling out. This ensures that your device stays charged and that you don’t have to constantly check on the connection.
  3. Durability: Magnetic phone charging cables are more durable than traditional cables. The magnets help to hold the cable in place, preventing it from bending or breaking at the connection point. This means that the cable is less likely to wear out or need to be replaced, saving you money in the long run.
  4. Fast charging: Many magnetic phone charging cables are designed to support fast charging, allowing you to quickly power up your device. This is especially useful if you are in a hurry or need to charge your device on the go.
  5. Convenience: One of the biggest benefits of using a magnetic phone charging cable is the convenience it offers. You don’t have to fiddle with plugs or worry about misaligning the charging port. The magnets do all the work for you, making it easy to charge your device without any hassle.

In other words, magnetic phone charging cables offer a convenient and efficient way to charge your devices. Whether you are at home, at work, or on the go, these cables make it easy to keep your devices powered up and ready to use.

While magnetic phone charging cables offer many benefits, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether these types of cables are the right choice for your needs. Below are some of the drawbacks they have:

  1. Compatibility: Not all devices are compatible with magnetic phone charging cables. Some devices may not support the technology. If you are using an older device or one that is not designed to work with these types of cables, you may not be able to use them. Also, not all magnetic phone charger cables support data transfer.
  2. Limited options: While there are many different types of traditional charging cables available, the selection of magnetic phone charging cables is somewhat limited. This means that you may have fewer options to choose from, and may not be able to find a cable that meets all of your needs.
  3. Possible interference: In some cases, the magnets in magnetic phone charging cables may interfere with other devices or systems. For example, if you are using a device with a compass or other sensitive sensors, the magnets in the cable may interfere with the accuracy of these sensors.
  4. Potential cost: Magnetic phone charging cables may be more expensive than traditional cables. This is due in part to the added cost of the magnets and the technology required to make them work.

Bellow you can see a nice video of Lewis from Unbox Therapy showcasing some of the cables in the market.

But what cables do we suggest? All cables have their pros & cons. In that article we suggest you cables from 3 different manufacturers but also we mostly give you an idea of what you should be expecting from them and what to watch for.

The cables

Terasako 3-in-1 Magnetic charging cable

Nylon Braided Cord
360 degree rotation
Convenient to find it in dark due to the LED

No fast charge or QC support
No support for data transfer

For $17.99 you get 4 magnetic cables. One 1 foot long, one 3 feet long and two at 6 feet long. You also get, 4 magnetic micro tips, 4 magnetic Type-C tips and 4 magnetic lightning tips.

Although they offer convenience, keep in mind that the maximum output voltage and current that cable can deliver is 5 volts at 2.4 Amps. This means that this product does not support fast charge in which case it should have voltage outputs of 5 volt, 9 volt, 12 volt, and beyond or current output of larger than 3 Amps.

Also, quick charge 2 (QC 2.0) is not supported too. Quick Charge 2.0 is able to provide up to 24 watts on a micro USB connector and 36 watts with a Type-C connector. That cable provides maximum 12 watts (5 Volts by 2.4 Amps).

As such, the claims of the manufacturer that it supports both fast charge and QC 3.0 in their Amazon page are wrong. You have to keep this in mind before you buying this cable as it will take much longer to charge your devices than their bundled cables.

Also, due to the fact that the cable is designed to support 360o rotation, the cable is not for transferring data but only for charging. You can find the cable on Amazon on the following link:

Digital Ant Gen-X 3 in 1 Magnetic cable

Supports data transfer
Nylon Braided Cord
LED illumination

No fast charge or QC support
No support for devices requiring Power Delivery (PD) Protocol
Tips are breaking easy

At $14.99 you get 3 magnetic cables. One at 3.3 feet long with a straight connector and three at 5 feet long with L-shape connectors. You also get, 9 magnetic tips, 3 magnetic micro-USB tips, 3 magnetic USB Type-C tips, 3 magnetic lightning cable tips. Together with the set there is also a plastic removal tool in order to easily remove the USB tips from the devices.

The maximum output voltage and current that cable can deliver is 5 volts at 3 Amps. Again, it doesn’t support either fast charging or Quick Charge. We are not sure why manufacturers claim their products to support fast charging if they can not deliver more than 3 Amps or more than 5 Volts. Although that cable is on the lower limit at 3 Amps maximum power a fast charging claim would not be totally wrong. Again, expect your devices to charge much slower with that cable than with their bundled ones. Also, the cable does not support devices requiring Power Delivery protocol.

The tips on the connector seem to have strong magnetic forces keeping the cable stable on the phone without having disconnections. One small drawback is that the tips are not durable enough and they break easily.

The good part with that cable is that it supports data transfer and it won’t operate only as a charging cable. Also it has an LED in order to be able to see it in the dark and the cord is made from nylon making it durable. You can find the cable on Amazon on the following link:

Ruibo Sike 540 Degree Magnetic Charging Cable

2 degrees of freedom offering 540 degrees rotation.
Nylon Braided Cord
LED illumination

No fast charge or QC support
No support for data transfer

At the price of $19.98 you will get 3 magnetic phone charger cables. One with a length of 1.6 feet, one 3 feet long and one 6 feet long. You will also get, 9 magnetic tips. 3 magnetic micro-USB tips, 3 magnetic USB Type-C tips and 3 magnetic lightning cable tips. This way you will have with that cable too universal compatibility with most devices (iPhones, Samsung, Moto, Nexus, Google Pixel, etc).

The maximum output current of that cable is at 2.4 Amps. Again, it doesn’t support either fast charging or Quick Charge. Ruibo is the only company that we found so far that clearly states that its cables are not fast charge / quick charge 3.0 cables. As such, expect your devices to be possibly charging slower with that cable than the original cable of the device.

This again is only a charging cable and it does not support data transfer. The magnets are good and they can hold the tips on the charging cables. The cable itself is a durable nylon cable that has a soft feel to the touch. The head of the charging cable is from an oxidized aluminum alloy that does not rust .

The cable as 2 different degrees of rotation. It first rotates around itself 360 degrees. it also allows you to rotate the head of the cable 180o and as such you can have either a straight connector cable or an L-shaped connector cable making the charging more convenient while you use the phone.

Finally, it has an LED in order to be able to see it in the dark. You can find the cable on Amazon on the following link:

The verdict

Trying different brands of cables we seen that not all support fast charging and none of them Quick Charge 3.0 or later. You have to be extremely careful when using such cables as their magnets can stick to a metallic surface and create short circuit. Especially if you are using any kind of cheap phone charger you might end up seeing the black smoke coming out of it risking fire.

The tips of a manufacturer do not match to the cables of an other manufacturer. Some times this is also true for different versions of the cable from the same manufacturer. Only use the tips that are coming with the cables themselves otherwise you risk short-circuiting the cables and risking fire. This is also the reason the cables are being sold in batches of 3 or more with 9 or 12 tips. Just use these tips and not from other cables.

In most of the cases, the tips are very week and break apart easily if you intend to constantly connect/disconnect them from the USB ports. It is always better if you insert them to the ports and never extract them again.

Also, in all cases, the tips have some even small length and as such they protrude from the phone socket making the phone a bit ugly. If you are using a phone case, especially if it is a bit bulky one you might end up solving this problem as they won’t stick out.

The cables definitely offer convenience. You enter your car and you connect the cable instantly without even touching the connector. Amazon has great selection of magnetic cables. You can find it here.

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