3 Cheap, High-tech Accessories For Your Mobile To Buy Now

Wireless charging stand
Wireless charging stand

You have searched countless hours for the phone that you want to buy. The selection was tough but you took the big decision. The new flagship phone from Samsung will become yours. You add it to the shopping cart and you press the order button. Congratulations for your new purchase! Your phone can do nearly anything you want it to do.

But, what about the protection of your beloved phone? Are you perhaps afraid that you will end up without battery juice in the middle of the day? In the following guide, we present you 3 of the very cheap accessories that you must buy for your phone.

Magnetic phone charger cable

Have you ever wondered if the USB port on your phone wear every time you connect/disconnect the phone charging cable? This is true. USB sockets that are being produced by the manufacturers state that they have a limited amount of cable insertions / removals. Usually this number is above 10,000 and as such you need no worry about damaging your phone’s charging socket.

But, what about if you stumble forward to the cable and violently disconnect it from your phone? Yes, this happens to a lot of us. Personally, I ended up with a scratched phone and a broken screen. My happy and beautiful day ended up being the worst of the week…

Male USB magnetic phone connector
Male USB phone connector with magnet

The solution to this problem come to give the magnetic phone charger cables. These cables aren’t anything much different to the ones the phone manufacturers pack with their devices. They are simple, USB Type C cables. The only difference is that they are intended to be used as charging cables and not data cables.

These cables are split in two parts. The first and the smallest one is the USB male connector that connects to the USB port of your phone. This is a simple plug and has a magnet in one side of it. Onto that magnet, the remaining charging cable connects.

The second part of the cable is the cable itself that connects to your charging brick (power adapter) and carries the electrical current needed to charge your phone battery. The end of it, connects magnetically to the USB plug. The only thing you need to do, is to bring these two parts close to each other and they will connect auto-magically starting the charge of your cell phone.

Cell phone charging magnetic cable
Cell phone charging magnetic cable

The days you were stumbling to the charging cable are gone forever. Now, the mechanism of the cable can disconnect it instantly from your phone in order to keep it safe.

Not only that, but now you can leave the male plug into your phone for ever without worrying that you will wear the USB port of your beloved phone. Also, the connector can act as an anti-dust plug protecting your charging port.

The following article showcases some of the cables in the market.

Wireless charger

I remember one day when I was in the office trying to answer an email of a customer and a little bit before I press the ‘send’ button, my phone run out of battery. It was one of these days that at one moment I would sit in front of my computer to work and the next moment I would be running around the building in various meetings with customers or with my colleagues.

Samsung wireless charging pad
Samsung wireless charging pad

There was simply no time to plug my USB charging cord to the phone. That day was the day that I realized that I need to buy a wireless charging pad. It was an easy thought for me. I just gone and bought my new Samsung Wireless charger. After that day, my Samsung’s phone batteries would be forever fully loaded.

Wireless charging technology is not a new kind of technology. In reality it is quite old. Currently it is aimed in cutting cables to all kind of modern devices (from cell phones, laptops to even different house appliances). If you are in a situation that you got bored and tired of all the cables, then it is probably time to move on and buy a wireless charger.

There are currently two different types of wireless chargers that we know on the market. The wireless charging pads where you leave your phone on top of the pad without connecting any cables and charges. The second type of wireless charger is the wireless charging stand. In that case, you leave your phone in a stand in a vertical position. This allows you to have better view to the phone allowing it also to charge up the batteries.

Wireless charging stand
Wireless charging stand

Screen protector

A screen protector is a must have item when you decide to buy your new smartphone. Even though smartphones are coming with Gorilla Glass or other types of tempered glasses, they are never fully unbreakable and it will be unlikely that your phone will end up without scratches.

There are 4 types of screen protectors that currently exist on the market.

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

This is one of the most common material we use in our daily life. The common plastic bottles are made from this material. Lately, with the explosion of the 3D printing we also use it as a 3D printing filament. Filling PET with glass particles or fibers, it makes it significantly stiffer and more durable.

Due to the fact that PET is produced in huge quantities, it is very cheap. As such, you can find PET screen protectors that are super cheap, light, and thin in order to protect your phone.

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

TPU is an other kind of plastic that has some properties that make it good for screen protectors. It has elasticity, transparency and resistance to oil, grease and abrasion. TPU has many applications too. You can find it in automotive instrument panels to power tools, medical devices, etc. Its popularity exploded when they started using it in outer cases for mobile electronic devices and mobile phones.

Although it is not the best type of screen protector, it has some advantages. It is flexible allowing it to be installed on any phone. Also, it can withstand higher impact forces from PET and in some cases due to its self-healing capabilities it magically vanishes small scratches.

Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Tempered Glass Screen Protector

A tempered glass screen protector is a specially formulated type of glass that is capable of withstanding even the most abusive behavior. There are cases where mobile phones felt from a height of at least 12 feet and nothing happened to their screens.

These tempered glass screen protectors can be installed easily on your phone by following some basic instructions given by their manufacturers and can offer scratch, moisture, and impact resistance to your valuable item.

They might not have the self-healing capabilities that TPU screen protectors have but they are much tougher and scratch-proof. Unfortunately, tempered glass protectors are much thicker than PET or TPU and as such they harm a bit the aesthetics of your device. If you are the kind of guy who cares about the beauty of your phone, then don’t go for tempered glass screen protectors.

Liquid Glass (Nano liquid)

Yes, you read it well! Liquid Glass is the name of the new type of screen protectors. A Liquid Glass screen protector is a transparent liquid that bonds to the glass of the device. This invisible coat strengthens the screen and offers much better scratch, moisture and impact resistance.

It is made of Silica dioxide (SiO2) and it is essentially microscopic particles of glass suspended in a liquid solution. Although, a Nano liquid screen protector is totally invisible to the eye it comes with plenty of drawbacks. Nano liquid screen protectors are so thin (since they are liquids) that tough scratches are easily getting through the actual screen of the device.

Searching for reviews about this kind of screen protector in the internet, we were not happy with the results. A lot of people complained that these screen protectors do nothing to the phone and that they found plenty of scratches in them. Also, some say that it is nearly impossible to remove this kind of film from the screen of the phone unless it peels itself over time.

Our advice is to stay away from such kind of products as long as they are still in their infancy state. We are not saying in any case that liquid glass screen protectors are not good but they have to prove it first.

Privacy Screen Protector / Anti-Glare Screen Protector

There are two more types of screen protectors. The Privacy screen protectors are made of PET plastic or tempered glass. These come with an anti-spy layer in order to defense your precious screen info against lurking eyes. These screen protectors operate by limiting the viewing angle of your phone and as such only whey you look at them straight and not at an angle you can see the screen.

The Anti-Glare screen protectors reduce the glare of the screen in bright areas. This is because they have matte finish coating. These come also in PET plastic or tempered glass.

In any case, unless there is a very specific need that you might have (eg. you are constantly under the sun or you don’t want others to see your sensitive information from the screen), we would not suggest these type of protectors. They both reduce the clarity of the display.

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