4 crazy games being sold on the internet

Magnetic Darts target
Magnetic Darts target

We searched the internet and we found the 4 of the most crazy games that are being sold. The creativity of the manufacturers is beyond any imagination.

Vodka shot roulette

Playing that game is guaranteed to end up in a flight! The game can be played in various variations. In one of them you have to fill as many shot glasses as there are players with water except for one. The one must be filled with vodka or any other clear spirit. You then rotate the glasses so that nobody knows in which glass the vodka is in. Then, everyone takes a glass and drinks the shot together with all other players. The player that got the vodka shot has lost and can’t participate in the next round.

After a couple of rounds it is guaranteed to have a great headache.

Darts drinking game

There are various variations of that game too. One of the variations can be played with 2-4 players solo or with teams of 2 players. The player or team whose darts land closer to the bulls-eye wins. The player or team that loses, has to drink their shots. Hopefully they won’t break anything after a couple of shots.

Tic Tac Toe Shot Glass Game

From this category of games, the tic-tac-toe game should not be missing. Needless to say the rules of the game. Every time one loses he or she has to drink a shot. You only have to ensure that the alcohol inside the shots is of different color for each player. Can you guess what is going to happen if after 4 rounds, the players switch colors?

The following game is for serious gamers…!

Shot Glass Chess Game

If you are a serious chess gamer, then you will definitely enjoy playing a relaxing chess game like that. Every time the opponent wins a piece of yours he or she has to drink the shot. We can’t imagine how the games are going to end but you will sure get a lot of fun. The board can also be used to play checkers.

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